Going green

We've asked local school pupils for their thoughts on protecting the environment

More than ever the environment is on people’s minds. This has driven us to shift our behaviour and aim for sustainable future which improve the outlook for the next generations.

With those thoughts in mind, here at our Goxhill site, we launched a STEM environmental competition for local primary school children. The competition was launched on the same day as the Royal visit, during which the project hosted over 50 year six pupils. The object of the competition was for the students to submit their suggestions on how our project can become more sustainable and protect the local environment.

The suggestions were truly inspiring. Below are just a selection of examples:

  • Ryan suggested we ‘use the dirt and soil from the tunnel to plant trees and plants’. The project is using the excavated material as a cap on an old Quarry. Typically, these quarries are planted with tree and plants after they have been filled.
  • A suggestion by Robert ‘to use solar panels instead of fuel to power the machines on site during the day’. We’ve investigated powering some of our machines on site using solar panels, however we have only been able to roll this out in the car park. If new products come to the market we will make sure to consider them.
  • Tilly urged us to complete the project quickly to prevent the risk of gases leaking from the old pipeline. Rest assured Tilly we are doing our utmost to complete the project as quickly as possible, and we’ve put measures in place to ensure that the old pipeline is secure.
  • Sophie suggested we donate material at the end of the project rather than disposing of it in landfills. Sophie thank you for the suggestion we are investigate all options now and are striving to meet the company goal of have no material go to landfill.
  • Cyan suggested we make a small habitat for the animals close by. Well we have great news for you Cyan, the project is planning to build several habitats at the end of the project.

The winning suggestion

(L-r) Phil Croft, our Senior Project Manager, Holly, and Ian Cartwright, National Grid’s? Director of Capital Delivery

Deciding the winner of the competition was a challenge but Holly’s combination of suggestions really made us stand back and take notice.

Holly suggested we control any toxic fumes from the welding operation to protect the welders and the environment. She also wrote about the important of adopting electric cars on site.

We take great care in controlling fumes from any welding operation, by providing operatives with respirators and extraction ventilation. Although the project hasn’t been able to us any electrical vehicles on the site, National Grid is currently one of the biggest advocates for the roles out of electric car.

I’ll leave you with some final words from Phil Croft, the Senior Project Manager of our project:

“I’m delighted that we could give the children a chance to visit our project and learn about how science is being applied in the real world. Protecting our environment for their generation to enjoy, is something that we should be extremely mindful of. Holly showed that she’s already thinking about how to keep our planet safe for everyone in the future to enjoy. Well done Holly!”