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Find out more about the consent for our works

The decision by the Secretary of State to grant consent in 2016 gave the green light for work to proceed. ?It also represented the culmination of a really thorough planning process!

A huge amount of planning goes into a major project like this and all that started way ahead of work getting going?on the ground…

Back in 2012 we started exploring how we might replace the pipeline. ?Getting the views of local people and the organisations that look after the Humber was central to that. ?Feedback from consultations in 2012, 2013 and 2014 really helped shape our thinking and fed into the work to draw up our detailed proposals.

By 2015 we were pulling all that together and preparing the 90 or so documents that made up our application for a Development Consent Order. ?Those were submitted in April to the Planning Inspectorate. ?Later in 2015 a series of public hearings were held to rigorously examine the proposals and give everyone the opportunity to comment.

Only after all that did the proposals go before the Secretary of State. ?They then considered all the information and representations that had been made before granting consent in August 2016.

So while it’s been a lengthy process, we now have a really thorough, prescriptive approval document that sets the benchmark for what we have to deliver on site throughout the project.

Since consent was granted we’ve spent the latter part of 2016 and the early part of 2017 getting our traffic management arrangements in place and setting up our working areas and contractors accommodation on site.

You can read more about the arrangements for?traffic management and our work to get?established on site?here on the website. ?You can also find out more about the consent for our works on the?Planning Inspectorate?website.